Minggu, 16 Mei 2010

What I don’t know about Kopi Luwak

Recently, I went back to Indonesia for 5 days. It is quite unusual, as most of the time I went back to Indonesia only once a year, approaching the end of Ramadhan month. It was a vacation, but somehow my agenda was quite packed, as I need to:

* visiting friends in Jombang
* casting my vote in the Legislative General Election (as reported by my brother, Taufan, in Bahasa Indonesia).
* celebrating Zaki’s 9th birthday. To think of it, it is a quite special number.. 9th birthday, at April 9th 2009. I gave him snorkeling gear complete with the swimming outfit (Thanks for my brother, Jufti, for allowing me to hijack his idea :$ )
* visiting friends in Surabaya (sadly, it didn’t happen, sorry guys & girls .. maybe next time :) )
* Shopping spree :$
* buying a pack of Kopi Luwak for a friend

Anyway, it was my Grandmother who told me about Kopi Luwak for the first time. As far as I remember, I was a very very small kid when she said to me that Luwak can make a very good coffee. It was B.G. (Before Google) and I was a very very small kid, so I totally have no idea at all, how Luwak looks like. But now, thanks to Google Images, a search with Luwak keyword will give you plenty images of Luwaks, their feeces + coffee, the packaging of Kopi Luwak, and surprisingly, Oprah Winfrey :) .

The problem is, where can I get Kopi Luwak in Jombang? I like coffee, but I never drink Kopi Luwak. Neither do any of my family members. Fortunately, my Father had heard before, that there are Kopi Luwak’s sellers in Kediri or Blitar. He made few calls, but none of them gave us good news. Running out of time, I settled with Bandung Presto. And my friend seems content for receiving Bandeng Presto, instead of Kopi Luwak.

So here I am now in Singapore, I am still curious about Kopi Luwak and decided to google for it. I found David Emery wrote that Kopi Luwak is not a myth. But do beware of the fake Kopi Luwak.

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